Curve plankebord med sort nemo spisebord. Curve oak table with black Nemo dining chair

Odin barstol - Bar stool in PU

Smoked oiled curve oak table - Black Angel dining chair - Røget egetræsbord - Angel spisebordsstol





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Preform is a social responsible company in many ways. It is important to us, that our suppliers show integrity, interest and compassion for the social responsibility.


Supplier of furniture, lambskin and home accessories for the B2B market.

Welcome to Preform Furniture, your favorite supplier of furniture, lambskin and home accessories. We have a close partnership with suppliers from all around the world, which benefits our prices and quality. With many partners around the world, we can offer you a short delivery time, since our stock is always updated. We do also have experience with letting our customers design their own furniture at our suppliers. This benefits our customers because they maintain the good prices we have build up with our partners.

Our sales team can help you with everything from furnishing a store to furnishing your restaurant. Our tables and chairs are easy to clean, which makes it perfect for kitchen, cafés and restaurants. 

Big assortment - something for everyone

We are always looking out for new products and ideas for our collection. We have moving our products from low price to high quality instead. This will benefit our customers, but also ourselves. With this development our customers experience less claims and happier customers. Our assortment is also estabilshed with help from our customers. We are therefore willing to sit down and listen to the demands fromt the market through our customers.



At Preform we have a big collection of skin. With many years of experience, we are able to create a collection with good quality, but affordable prices. Our assortment of skin contains lambskin, rabbitskin and goat skin. Our collection of skin is updated with the modern fashion regarding skin. Therefore you will find organic lambskin, deluxe rabbit skin in patchwork and New Zealand lambskin in fashionable colours.