We have a big and wide range of natur skin and speciel lambskin. We are always looking out for new types, colours and shapes. You can see below what we have in our assortment at the moment. If you have any wishes or ideas please contact us and we will take it to consideration.


New Zealand lambskin

New Zealand lambskin is the most popular type of lambskin. It is know for the strong and soft fur. We have different types of lambskin as you can see below.

  • Ordinart New Zealand lambskin
  • Dobbelt New Zealand lambskin
  • Small New Zealand lambskin


Tibetan lambskin

Lambskin from Tibetan is a speciel kind. Due to the fact that the sheep lives in higher mountains they have a unique kind of fur. The fur is not quite as strong, but even more soft and with tiny curls. So the more curls you get, the better is the quality of the skin.