Who is Preform?

Preform’s history and mission

Preform A/S is an old trading company from 1987. When the business started we produced our own products in our own fabric in Denmark, but as times change we had to change as well. Now we are buying our products from suppliers all around the world and sell them in Europe and Scandinavia B2B. This means that we can guarantee a wide range of furniture and home décor regardless of your business.

Besides our primary activity, which includes buying and selling of furniture, skin, home décor etc., we have a wide range of production partners. This means that our customer always can make suggestions and come with ideas for products they wish to sell in their stores.

We always do our best to meet our customers wishes and demands. Therefore, we are always looking out for new products and what the market has to offer. Throughout the years we have moved our business from selling low prize products to now selling products with a higher quality and better materials. By that we can give our customers a better product which means their customers will be happy and return.


-  This is what we call affordable luxury
-  If you like our design, you will love our prize!


We differentiate on the market because we import and design our self. This is valuable for our customers because they have the opportunity to influence the process.

In our supply chain our production partners are an important part. They make sure of checking quality, delivery and prizes. Therefor we can guarantee high quality products, fast delivery and affordable prizes.

It is important to Preform that our production partners are social responsible to the environment and their employees. By that we know our products are produced in a sound way.

We stock our own products, which gives us the opportunity to choose our own way of distribution and making sure the delivery time is as fast as possible.
If a product contains defects, we also have a stock of spare parts so you can get a quick repair instead of waiting for a new product.

Our team is always working hard for your satisfaction! We are working on developing good relationships to our customers, whether you are a big customer or not.

At our address in Horsens, Denmark, we have our showroom and photo studio. You are always welcome to visit this and see our assortment and maybe even brand-new products. We would love to show you around and talk over a cup of coffee. This includes our photo studio where it is possible to make marketing material for your business as well. We are open to new cooperation and making marketing materials including both yours and our products.

House of Sander

House of Sander is our new brand. It is a brand that we are proud of and which should present the nordic style. With this brand we have focused on design and functionality. This makes our products suitable for both the private home and for commerciel use. We have great experience with our furniture in restaurants, hotels and more. This brand is new on the market and therefore we are testing trends and products to see which is the best for us.


Dropshipping – internet business

To make ourselves more attractive in a very competitive market, we are offering dropshipping to our online customers. This means that our customers have the possibility to choose from our catalog which products they wish to sell on their webshop. By this, the customer is not obligated to buy big parties at one time, but only buy what they sell. It is more liquidity for the company and helps smaller businesses to grow. All the customer has to do is to make an appointment with the delivery company to send the labels to us.

If you wish to try this for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.